Occupational health and safety (OHS)

It’s true to say that a safe and healthy working environment is a profitable business. When you focus on safety, you avoid accidents at work and absences due to illness – and reduce injuries to a minimum. A good working environment attracts the best qualified employees and improves job satisfaction and motivation.

We find that people see a Smartlift as a welcome addition to their workplace. The machine improves the work environment by improving the standard of occupational health and safety.

If, where OHS is concerned, you wish your company to become an example for other companies to follow, a Smartlift will often be a good, safe investment which pays its way from Day One.

Avoid unnecessary, potentially dangerous manual lifting

If work on the building site or at the factory is planned and executed correctly, many accidents and physical degeneration can often be prevented.

Work-related injuries and disabilities often occur in connection with heavy lifting, long periods of working in awkward working postures, repetitive work and heavy, physical and back-breaking work.

It is important to avoid heavy lifting whenever possible. If possible, work should be planned to avoid moving materials, etc. by means of physical/manual labour.

We have therefore developed Smartlift – a self-driven lifting device which can handle elements weighing up to 780 kg at heights of up to 4.5 m.  Smartlift lifting devices are multifunctional. They can drive along, hoist, reach out and tilt an element at one time, without any risk of the operator overloading any of his muscles at all.
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