SL 580 Maxi

SL 580 Maxi is an agile and stable lifting device – excellent for lifting and moving the heaviest window panes and sheets of glass

In modern buildings, glass elements are becoming increasingly large and therefore heavier to handle.

Smartlift 580 Maxi has 4 x 400 mm diameter suction pads to grip your element. The lifting device is easy to operate using a small, lightweight, logically designed control unit. The device has a 1000 W engine, ideal for smooth driving on firm, level surfaces. It can also drive up a ramp into a van. It has rear-wheel drive and steering, which means that it has an outstandingly tight turning circle.  

Smartlift 580 Maxi is extremely stable and efficient. Handling even very large elements is as easy as ABC.

We find that the device can be used to hoist many different types of elements, including heavy fire doors and gates, as well as a plethora of other lifting jobs.
Smartlift 580 Maxi is ideal in for use in industrial applications, as it is very robust and extremely manoeuvrable – To see Smartlift 580 Maxi in action, click the Gallery menu.

SL 580 Maxi is lifting heavy fire-proof door
Demonstration of yoke movements

  Click the photo to see the load diagram.

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